Review: DAISO Eyebrow Pencil #1

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Bought this eye brow pencil for MYR 5!! so cheap.... I know right, no harm trying ;)

The product description, I cant understand a single word, except for EYE BROW PENCIL, PRODUCED FOR DAISO JAPAN & the last one, I think is referring to dark brown color?

Come with the brush itself on the another side of the eye brow pencil :)

The lid of itself is quite thin and strongly advisable do not roll it up too long and you will end up be like me, I was testing the flexibility of scrolling and want to see how long is the lid in the eye brow pencil itself, so when I started to draw my brow, I forget to scroll down and the lid it broke :p *genius me*

And this is the pigment of it, not really dark in brown as I expected it to be same as the label color. In term of the texture in smooth-ness, its actually not bad for a MYR5 eyebrow pencil ;)

And this is the outcome, kind of surprised that actually MYR5 eyebrow pencil can work so well! ;) will definitely purchase again!

What I like about this product:
CHEAP and is sooooo affordable!!!
Texture in smooth-ness is not that bad as I expected
Pigment is very obvious
Worth the price!!!

What I dislike about this product:
Lid too thin and is quite fragile
Color slightly a little too light for me



Where to get it?


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