Review: Magic Colour Lens - Moonlight Collection Brown Colour

Sunday, November 20, 2011
What so special about MagicColour Lens? this brand is officially from Korea and is a leading distributor of tri-colour contact lenses, and what attracted me the most is, MagicColour Lens are actually using the Korean Diamond Cutting Technology, while normal contact lenses are using casting mold method! thus explained, MagicColour Lens is more thin than other lenses and they provide the finest and exceptional quality products! ;)

I was so happy when I received the parcel and Im really glad that MagicColour Lens gave me such a wonderful oppoturnity to share my experience with these products especially with my readers! ;)

They're so generous in sponsoring the products! 4 pairs of different colours lenses and even different collection ;)

And not to mention, a free travel kit lens case! ;) and is pink in colour! loving it!!

And this is the collection that Im going to review today ;)

the sponsored collection was in brown colour :)

Diameter in 16mm and water content is 55%

Say hi to my Moonlight collection!! they're coming out soon!!! :p

and this is the real picture of the contact lenses, I purposely left it one side with upper surface while the another one was facing downwards, so that you're able to see the contact lenses clearly ;)

and this is how I keep all my contact lenses! true that,  the contacts was really thin! and when I inserting the contact, it actually slipped off from my finger so easily! and this is the most challenging part, insert the contact before it slip off from your finger! and FYI, I wash my contacts with eye solution for 6 times, before I wear it, I wash it for 3 times. After I wore it, I wash it for another 3 times! to make sure that my contacts is squeaky clean!

And this is a picture of me with the contacts on! in my room with natural sun light ;)

A close up ;)

This is a photo showing the outcome with and without the flash :)

Overall, the colour of the contacts is not really obvious but it actually look pretty natural in real life. For the enlargement itself, I think is slightly a little too big, it look really nice in photos but for me, I prefer smaller pupils in a slight of enlargement but not too much because contacts with large diameter look nice only when you have make up on because huge diameter contacts are able to blend well with make up, so if you dont really apply make up and yet wanna look natural, this pair of contacts probably will not suits you that much. In short, huge diameter contacts look good with make up, you dont want to end up looking like an alien, dont you? ;)

For the comfy-ness, this pair of contacts is not too dry as I expected it to be, I wore for more than 10 hours and its still bearable except that, it blurred my vision after wearing for too long.

What I like about the product:
Vibrant colour design of the contacts
Not really dry
Thin, soft and not easy to tear off
Definitely worth the price!

What I dislike about the product:
Blurred my vision after a few hours of wearing



Where to get them?

Hope you find my review helpful! 3 more pairs of collection to go! stay tune!!!! :)

Disclaimer: This pairs of contacts is sponsored by Magic Colour Lens for review purpose. 


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Jayden_Dang said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could give me those pairs of contacts when they are overdue? I am in training to be a optometrist! Please i hope you say yes thanks :)