Tutorial: How to fix a broken eye shadow palette?

Monday, October 10, 2011
It get really frustrating when some of your favorite eye shadow dropped on the floor and it all cracked up into pieces especially when you just bought a brand new eye shadow palette!

I found a solution of fixing a broken eye shadow palette, although after fixing it, the eye shadow palette will not be the perfect form like how the original looks like but at least it still can be use ;) *thanks to all the Youtube videos!*

I bought this eye shadow palette online, and when I received the parcel, the eye shadow palette is broken into pieces! *ouch* and the whole thing is still nicely in shape except for this particular eye shadow.

And this is all the tools that you need to fix the broken eye shadow palette! ;) generally, people will always recommend Isopropyl alcohol instead of Methylated Spirit but the content is not much of differences ;) despite that, Isopropyl alcohol is more commonly used. And in Malaysia, you cant really find Isopropyl alcohol in all the general pharmacies ;) 

First, smashed the eye shadow into mild pieces! really mild.... ;)

After that, open up the Methylated Spirit and pour a small amount on the cap itself.

And pour the Methylated Spirit into your broken eye shadow palette and mix it well! after that, use a flat surface tool to make the eye shadow shape look tidy.

and youre done! wait for it to dry and clean up the side part of the palette! ;)

Apparently, from far you cant really tell the differences! ;) and most importantly, it still can be use!! :)

Ta-da!!! :D

Hope you find my tutorial helpful! Thats all I have for today! :)



LiHui said...

wow! i am amazed!!! thanks for sharing this! <3

fibieelyh said...

No problem at all ;) hope this able to help you :)

shortsandshirts said...

Thank you so much for this! :) I need to fix a broken eyeshadow and well, I was walking around Guardian and all I could find was Methylated Spirit and I'm not sure if I could use it but I bought it already. So yeah. THANK YOU SO MUCHHH. :)

Fibiee Liew said...

No problem :)

Yes, you can use Methylated Spirit :) glad that my tutorial able to help you :)

LanaBusyBee said...

what a great tutorial ^^..follow ur blog, coz have many info skincare on ur blog ^^ luv it

Fibiee Liew said...

Thank you Lana! have a nice day :)

Bee-ccentric said...

I love this tutorial! Didn't I say I love your blog? lol
I have the same problem before, but I don't know how to fix my palette (though drugstore as it is, since I'm still a beginner) so now its' missing some shades and looks horrible 'cause the other shades are still full.

Anyway, I wonder if this also works with pressed powders or compact foundations?
I'm quite known to be dropping mine often and their a hideous mess. :(



Fibieelyh said...

Hey bee, this method only work for eyeshadows :) Im not sure other cosmetics can be use anot... but I hope you will find this useful!

Aina Helmi said...

hey can this methylated spirit fix my broken bronzer from catrice?