Review: Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Fresh

Thursday, October 06, 2011
Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil come with different type of the choices accordingly to personal skin condition. And awesome or what? My skin is oily skin type and pink color cleansing out is the one that suits me the most!! :)

I got this product from my friend as a birthday present ;) *Thanks Regina!* I was dying to buy this product but somehow, I just didnt get to purchase it. And, I received it for my birthday ;)

Im really putting high expectation in this product because I have read and heard so many good reviews about it ;) and not to further delay... lets begin with the review! :)

My favorite color!! :D

Just in case, it just so happen that in the future you bought this product online and you want to double check whether if is original ;) just refer to the packaging.

I love how the product cap can be lock ;) so that you will not accidentally pump out the cleansing oil when you put it in the luggage bag or for any travelling purpose, besides that, you just have to turn it to left and right to unlock the cap and lock the cap ;) unlike some other product, there's an extra plastic cap on it to secure the product pump. For this product, you can just secure the pump by twisting it ;)

The texture of the cleansing oil is quite watery with mixture of oil, can you see how fast it slide down from the surface on my hand? :)

Ingredient list.

Apparently, this product is able to cleansed all the make up entirely but Im quite disappointed that I have to used this product twice at once to get all the make up on my face wash off.... To be advice, use a eye make up remover to remove all the eye make up first after that come with this cleansing oil to wash away all the dirt and make up on your face, I think this way probably can work better rather using the cleansing oil alone. This product is quite suitable for people that always carry light make up but not for me, I tend to apply heavy make up more than light make up.

What I like about this product:
Quite watery, not completely oil texture
Scent smell is bearable
Cleansed quite well for face
Skin feel fresh and tighten up after the application
Easy, quick and convenient

What I dislike about it:
Have to use a proper cleanser after the application to wash away all the cleansing oil completely
Eyes area are not completely clean after using this cleansing oil


Will I repurchase it?


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