Review: Korea Contact Lens Sugar Candy Brown

Wednesday, October 05, 2011
This series of the contact lens, it actually divided into two categories. If is falls under the Super Barbie, this series is name as Sweet brown but if for Dolly Eye series, it called Sugar Candy ;) but in general, this pair of contact lens is known for Sugar Candy brown :)

It have multiple choices of colors but I would prefer natural looking, so I stick with brown color :)

And this is the real picture of the contacts... I captured it in my contact lens case ;)

Top view and the side view :)

Scary or what? LOL! so big different though....

With and without flash... 

I love really the outcome looking of it but to be frankly, I dont really like the diameter, is slightly a little too big. If you love something like really barbie looking eyes, this pair of lens will be suitable ;) but for me, I prefer wearing contacts than have 3 tone ;) look more natural :)

What I like about it:
Watery natural brown eyes

What I dislike about it:
Quite drying
Diameter is too big for me

Will I repurchase it?




Kristen said...


Are you from the Philippines?

Where did you purchase the lenses btw?

Thanks! Nice review btw.

fibieelyh said...

Hello Kristen, Im from Malaysia :) I sell contact lenses, and this pair of lens is my very own stock :p and glad that you like the review :)