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Thursday, October 20, 2011
Hi lovelies! Im so sorry that I've not been updating my blog but guess what? I will be back real soon! ;)

In the meanwhile, if you find my blog is getting really boring. I've found some awesome tutorials just for you guys! ;) I love watching BeautyQQ in Youtube! this channel is hosted by a women from Hong Kong, and her name is Queenie Chan, she have a super adorable dog which is a Chihuahua given name Fergie! not to further delay......

And this is one of her video she was in Hanoi having vacation with her best friend, Paisley! Paisley is one of the actress in TVB. I guess she's not a stranger to anyone unless you dont watch Hong Kong's drama :)

I love this video!!! MUST WATCH if you love beauty just like me!! :)

And this is one of the video sharing all her favorite make up!! :)

And this video is awesome!!! she shared all the contact lenses she have in her collection! mad crazy....

How to wash all your make up bag and brushes? :D

She have a lot more videos in her channel! make sure you watch them ;) meanwhile, my blog is going to back real soon! once I completed all my assignments, I will update tons of beauty reviews and sharing!! stay tune!!


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