Review: Miss Rose 110 Eye Palette!

Friday, September 09, 2011

This is my first video ever doing a review of  Miss Rose eye palette!

When I received my parcel, I was so happy! and this is the box packaging of the palette ;)

It claimed that the palette contain double moisturizer with aloe vera and vitamin E!

Ingredient list. Contain Paraben :( no good.....

and this palette come with all kind of licenses...

and this is the design of the palette! so unique and pretty! ;) is like an evening clutch :)

and when you opened up! it comes with a lot of varieties of the colors! I was so excited to try it out! ;)

This is the close up of upper part palette ;) it consist of bright and dark colors, easy for matching ;)

And this is the bottom part palette, have all the colors of shading ;) gorgeous!

and this is a picture of myself without flash using the eye palette, combination of yellow and purple ;)

and this is a picture of myself with flash using the eye palette, combination of pink and dark grey ;)

Overall, I quite satisfied with this palette and is not really expensive :) still quite affordable! :) if you want this palette to, do PM me! Im selling it as well ;) at the same time, do support my beauty page! CLICK HERE!

What I like about it:
Vibrant colors
Really pigment
Texture is good enough
Long lasting
Not easily smudge

What I dislike about it:
Over strong scented
Eye shadow color doesnt stick on to my brush

Will I repurchase it?




LiHui said...

nice review :) support your first video review ;)

fibieelyh said...

Thank you dear! :) so nice of you!! <3