Review: IPKN My First Pact *Pink*

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Bought this compact powder when IPKN is having stock clearance. I love IPKN products! but unfortunately is not available anymore in Malaysia :(

Super pinky packaging that really attracted me!

Seriously, my skin feel really soft after the application and this product help to control my oil for the whole entire day! I love it!

I love the packing so much! and it come with a pink tube of highlight cream ;)

And there's a plastic cover to protect the powder :)

And this flash cream, is for highlight and to help enhance features ;)

Applied the flash cream on my hand for demonstration :)

Spread the whole entire cream to even the texture.

And this is the result of it! shinning! :)

And this is a picture of myself after applying the powder ;) love how smooth is my skin after the application, besides that, it helps control oil sebum and is pretty long lasting ;)

What I like about it:
Long lasting
Help to control oil sebum
Smooth texture
Nice scented smell like perfume!

What I dislike about it:
Basically, I really love this product :)

Will I repurchase it?



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