Review: Barbie Lens Laura Series Brown Color

Thursday, August 18, 2011
This is a picture of this series for all the colors ;) at the first, I cant decide between grey and brown color but my boyfriend told me is brown color look nicer ;) so I picked brown! :)

Brown color ;) look chio in this picture but the result is pretty disappointing in real life compare to this picture.

Look quite gorgeous in the bottle huh ;)

Real photo of it :)

Left one is without flash while the right one is with flash, this series look pretty natural but I prefer it to be more obvious looking, so I dont really like it. If you like something with natural but dont want it to be really obvious maybe you can try this series :) but for me, I dont really like it because without flash, my pupils is just enlarged and look like I wore black color lens. So yeah... is still up to personal preference :)

What I like about it:
Dont really irritate my eyes that much
Look like black color from far but when is near look brown and is quite natural

What I dislike about it:
Not too obvious
Cant wear for long hours

Will I repurchase it?



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