Review: Barbie Lens Hybrid Series Brown Color

Sunday, August 14, 2011
I bought all the five colors of this series because I was fascinated by the beauty of it, the color and the vibrant is so nice and also, the whole entire lens look so pretty and gorgeous ;)

This is the catalogue of it. Gorgeous!!!! 

Blue, Violet, Green, Brown and Grey. Super chio!!

Close up of Hybrid Grey.

Close up of Hybrid Blue.

Close up of Hybrid Green.

Close up of Hybrid Violet.

I was so mad excited to try it out when I received my parcel, and without hesitating much, I tried on the brown color one! :)

Honestly, my heart is full of expectation that it will turn out super pretty!!

Real pictures of the lens.

A picture of me wearing it.

The reason WHY I didnt get to capture with and without camera flash on, and the close up picture after I have wear the lens is because the lens is actually hurting my eyes so badly! On my first try, after I wore the lens for few hours, my eyes keep tearing and after awhile, my eyes getting really painful!! I cant even open widely, and my eyes is like non stop tearing itself! :(

BUT............. I decided to keep it and try the second time before giving it a conclusion because the lens is too gorgeous!!! :(

So on the second try, I was really hoping that the lens will suits my eyes perfectly and hopefully there will be no pain but I think this is really fate, my eyes cant take these pretty contacts :( it hurts so badly when I inserted them into my pupil, and I cant even blink properly. End up, I throw it away. For the rest of the 4 colors, Im sending it all back to my suppliers and change it to other series.

WHY??????? these lens is so gorgeous please! but my eyes cant take this series of lens out of so many series.......... tell me WHY! :(

What I like about it:
Natural looking
Vibrant and really sharp color

What I dislike about it:
Eyes get really painful after wearing it
Tearing non-stop

Will I repurchase it?
My eyes cant take this series of the lens. I really want to wear this series but I just cant! :(

For the comfort-ness: 
For the outlook: 



Rarah, said...

Oh nooo! i just ordered these, mines coming tmrw (i think) D:
i agree its super pretty, hmm its really bad tht they were uncomfortable on you, maybe you got the defective one?

shall review them and see how they are fr me.

visit my blog too if you have the time <3

Lensaholic Dani Dean said...

omg! i just purchased all the colors, expecting them to be delivered to me on Monday. i get them like RM9 per pair, how cheap is that, right! super barbie is like having a stock clearence promotion. and Rarah, can't wait to see your review too.

Fibiee Liew said...

Thanks for all the comments, cant wait for the review from you guys ;)