Beauty tips: The importance of facial scrub!

Friday, August 26, 2011
A lot of us have neglected the importance of facial scrub and never use it frequently, and of course, I heard so many complain like, "Why is my skin so rough", "Why my face complexion is so dull?" and the most common of all, "I have so many blackheads!".

If you're not using facial scrub frequently, don't complain to everyone that your complexion look horrifying because you're so lazy to use a scrub :P to maintain the glow on your complexion and to avoid your blackheads growing, start finding a suitable scrub for yourself today! :)

Im going to brief you through on what kind of scrub you should use. Often, people doesnt know how to differentiate the scrub type. Like for sensitive skin, you're not recommend to use rough scrub. What about oily skin and combination skin? well, then you have to continue reading ;)

For oily and combination skin:
Oily skin:
To be honest, I myself have really oily skin. If your skin is very easily to get oil up, always bring bloating paper along with you everywhere you go. Oily skin people tend to absorb more dirt than others, and scrub is very important for people like us that have oily skin!

Recommended scrub for oily skin(this is my own personal preference):
Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

I love this scrub from Neutrogena! ;) it helps to prevent blackheads and also blemishes on your complexion. Oily and combination skin will tend to have blemishes easily compare to dry skin people because oily skin grow oil sebum on the complexion very quickly, and people that have oily skin, who actually doesn't concern about it, and the sebum will merged with the dirt on the surface and eventually it will turn out to be all blemishes! Remember! if your skin is oily and sensitive, please do not use scrub that contain rough texture! seek a beauty consultant and find a scrub that is suitable for your skin but if your skin is normal, then any scrub will do but always bear in mind that, no rough scrub even for oily skin. 

For dry skin:
Dry skin:
People that have dry skin will always have problem with "why is my skin so tight after cleansing my face? I dont feel like using a scrub because Im afraid that my skin will get really sensitive". It is quite troublesome at times that dry skin can be really irritating, in order to maintain good skin, you have to look out for the right skin care for you, and not to forget constantly applying mask that contain vitamin. 

Recommended scrub for dry skin(this is my own personal preference):
Biore Deep Free Facial Scrub

I tried on this scrub even though I dont have dry skin, I find the texture is quite mild and is really suitable for dry skin. Anyhow, if you have really dry skin, do not squeeze too much of application at once to scrub on your face because your skin might get hurt and end up red patches will all around your complexion. In order to avoid skin will get tighten up after cleansing, find the proper cleanser and do not use too much at once. Use the right skin care and treatment to treat your skin well, seek a beauty consultant before buy a set of skin care.

For sensitive skin:
For sensitive skin, DO NOT TRY ALL KIND OF PRODUCTS on your complexion! because sensitive skin is extremely fragile, to avoid skin peeling, try to use all the products that free from paraben and alcohol. Drink more water and constantly apply the right moisturizer, especially hydration mask in gel or water based texture.

Recommended scrub for sensitive skin(this is my own personal preference):
Habo Labo AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash

And this Habo Labo scrub is a really good scrub because it contain AHA+BHA in the ingredients, so when you wash it on your face, basically you dont feel anything or any sea salt that scrubbing your skin hard and I think is good for sensitive skin because it will not hurt your complexion but you're still able to exfoliating your dead skin cells.

Make it a habit today and start using a scrub that suitable for your skin! and slowly after that, you will find that your skin is no longer dull looking and always feeling soft and spongy! ;)

Disclaimer: I do research based on my own beauty knowledge, you do not have to follow it.
Hope you find my entry helpful! have a nice day! :)


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