Sasa Haul: Bought all these items on discount sales price ♥

Monday, July 04, 2011
Im really sorry my readers! :( I know Im not quite an efficiency blogger. Been really busy lately with college because I was having short semester for now. And just one week ago, I did a surgery for removing my wisdom tooth and it was a massive painful experience for me :'( just hope that in the future, my wisdom tooth will grow perfectly fit in my gum so that I dont have to do surgery again.

Anyway, Im happy that last week Im able to get some cosmetics in Sasa and it worth every single penny!!

All these items cost me only RM33.40

Two bottle of Sasatinnie nail polish remover in rose scent! Original selling RM7.90 for one but I bought both in RM10!

Natural looking lashes ;) Original price selling at RM13.90 but I got it only for RM10! ;)

Sasatinnie Rose Q10 mask! ;) 3 pieces in one box! original price selling for RM14.90 but I got it for RM7.45!

Sasatinnie Foot mask selling for RM11.90 but I got it for RM5.95!

I save up so much by buying all the item on a sales price! go and get yours now! while stock last ;)


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Nail enthusiast :) said...

Hi, how was the polish remover? Worked well? :O :)