Review: Freshlook Sterling Grey Colorblends Contacts

Tuesday, July 05, 2011
This is a close up picture of the contact ;)

After I have wear the contact lens on ;)

My own experience:
Honestly, this is my first time trying such expensive contact lenses. I bought it for RM50 and the disposal of the contact lens is after one month you have use it. I wore it the first time for my GT Queen Search and the contact lens is seriously not treating my eyes well :( after 2 to 3 hours wearing them, my vision got blurred out of sudden, and I couldnt even see things clearly. After one month of wearing and experiencing it, I got paranoid whether should I try others Freshlook color contact lenses because Im quite satisfied with the outcome. The contact lens look really very natural and my eyes look more vibrant and bright up after wearing it except for the blurring vision part. Other than that, I think is fine, just that is a little dry up after wore it the whole day. And I love how the silicon is so soft and is not hurting my eyes at all. So, is up to you to decide whether is good or bad because different people have different taste and experience ;)

What I like about it:
Soft Silicon
Natural looking

What I dislike about it: 
Blurred my vision
Feel dry after a long day of wearing it

Will I repurchase it?
Maybe I will try other colors.



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Leah said...

Love the contacts! Considering on getting grey. Ps: You're really look a lot like Peggy Heng.