Review: Cyber Colors Easy Slide Eye Brow Pen

Monday, July 11, 2011
Bought this eye brow pen during the Sasa sales ;) since I lost my MUFE eye brow pencil which I cant find it back, so I decided to give a try for this eye brow pencil.

Original price was selling for RM42.90 but I got it for RM22 ;) cheap deal!

Look quite elegant in a way ;) like some classy eye brow pen ;)

This eye brow pen is quite different from my previous eye brow pencil that Im using. The edge of it is super sharp and is something like a triangle shape, so when you're drawing your eye brow, the shape edge of the eye brow pencil will help you create the outline of your eye brow, and fill in the brow by slowing shading it lightly.

Before filling in my eye brow ;) just trimmed it from one of the make up artist in Shu Uemura today.

After filled in my brow with the eye brow pen! :)

Lovin' the eye brow ;)

My experience:
I like the color of the eye brow pen itself and is very easy to draw but the only problem is, you need to slide the pen which I find it quite troublesome. Whenever Im drawing my eye brow, the pen like to slide down itself, and I need to slide the pen up again. I think they should create a slide lock for the pen, something like after you have slide to a certain length you're fine with it and lock it after you have done adjusting. So that, the pen wont go slide up and down while you're drawing your eye brow.

What I like about it:
Easy to shade(filling in my brow)
Easy to create my eye brow edge
Color is dark

What I dislike about it:
Smudge off easily
The pen itself slide up and down easily

Will I repurchase it?




Lina Kim ♥ said...

awee it looks so GOOD on you! reminds me a lot of my skinfood eyebrows pencil. they're quite similar =D

fibieelyh said...

Thank you Lina :)