Review: Bling Series Korea Lens

Saturday, July 16, 2011
This is my second time of warning, do not trust the sample pictures! if you're buying lens that all imported from Korea, do survey around before buying. Anyway, Bling Series is not that bad as I expected because I was so disappointed with Hani Series but Bling series is still acceptable, not that bad as I thought it will be.

I bought grey color again ;)

This is a real photo of the lens.

Actually, it almost similar to Hani series. After I wore the contact lens, my eye pupils got enlarged but it dont look that natural looking and obvious like Freshlook contact lens. The lens is not that hurtful, but is quite dry in a way. I love the outcome of it when I took a picture with camera flash on ;) as if like some two bling diamond inside my eyes ;)

What I like about it:
Look really nice with flash on

What I dislike about it:
Not much differences after I wore it(without flash)
Slightly a little dry

Will I repurchase it?
Yes but another color.



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