Review: My Scheming Beauty Eye Mask

Wednesday, June 08, 2011
It was my first time trying these beautiful packaging eye mask ;) and I bought all the varieties of it which have only four types :)

Wrinkle Treatment Eye Mask. 

Brightening Eye Mask.

Hydrating Eye Mask.

Q10 Elastic Eye Mask.

I'm not a big fan of eye mask but honestly, eye mask become really handy especially after one whole day of heavy long wear make up. Most of the times, I sleep really late and in a week of 7 days, at least one day of the week I will definitely apply make up on my eyes. Result of it, "fish tail" wrinkle is appearing and fine lines are getting obvious! not to mention, dark eyes circles! :(

Im going to write up my opinion and experience on all this four types of eye mask in one conclusion together because I feel that the outcome of it is all the same and I dont see any differences after applying it :( the scent of the eye mask is all the same, and its made up of silicon and the color of all the eye mask are the same which is in transparent color. I feel slightly a little cooling when applying the eye mask and thats the only good thing about it I guess? because I feel relaxing and at least I get to rest a little when Im applying the eye mask on my eyes, other than that, I will just say that these eye mask actually did a good job in attracting consumers with beautiful packaging. The outcome is super disappointing! :(

What I like about this mask:
Beautiful packaging
Nice scent smell

What I dislike about this mask:
Dont see any differences after applying it
Super dry
Not watery at all


Will I repurchase it?



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