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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
My friend went Taiwan and came back with these masks for me ;) I was so happy when I received the mask! and when I held it on my hand, I was so excited and fascinated about the mask. The packaging is just toooo niceeeeeee and not to mention.... attractive and pretty-ness!

I edited it in a way that " you will get fascinated looking at them too " :D

Malaysia cant get such cheap deals with this kind of masks.... oh why... tell me why.... I want to go Taiwan and shop for masks man.... :(

The back of the packaging listed with 6 different type of masks.

12pieces of it! Yeahhhhh ;)

A simple explanation of the sheet mask absorption ;) 

I know you like it too! :)

Honestly, the packaging is just too nice to tear it off and just throw it away after you using them. Im really having insomnia whether should I use them now. The packaging is just TOO nicely designed.  


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