Review: My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask ❤

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
This is my first write up of My Beauty Diary. Fyi, I love My Beauty Diary sheet mask really a lot :) I think the packaging really attracted me and the price is really affordable ;) I bet all of you have heard that My Beauty Diary have authentic and fake ones. I will blog about this issue and teach you how to recognized them ;) but before that, I need to get a fake mask to differentiate it with the authentic one, so that all my readers will have a better understanding of it. ;) So, just stay tune with that post ya.

My Beauty Diary have a really wide range of choices. And because of the good responses and sales, My Beauty Diary came up with really a lot of varieties now.

I bought this mask not long ago and I was really excited to try it because it helps tighten up pores, and due to my acne prone skin I have last time, it left with me some scars and huge pores. Anyhow, Im still finding remedies to cure my large pores. :(

What I like about this mask:
Brighten my skin
Pores seems a little tighter
Apple smells!

What I dislike about this mask:
Slightly a little sticky


Will I repurchase it?

RM3 per piece


I was expecting a tremendous result in the part of tighten up my pores but unfortunately, it dont really work :(


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