Review: First time trying out contact lens! :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Few years back, I have totally no clue what color contact lenses is. During my year of  form 4(2008), some of the girls in my class are totally addicted to those color contact lenses. I didnt have any urge want to try it because it look scary and painful to me. They insisted to try the contact lens on me, and I still remember the color of the contact was in blue color. Honestly, I have a bad experienced after my classmate tried it out on me because they forced the contact lens in, and ended up. I was tearing all the way because of the painful-ness. It was hard putting in, and of course hard getting it out as well because I non stop blinking my eye.

After so many years of the phobia experienced in color contact lenses. I finally want to try it out myself. Like after 3 years? haha.... because I want to look more prettier! I dont care whatever it takes, I just want to look good :)

Out of my determination, I bought a pair of contact lens from Fresh Look because I heard it was good although it was a bit pricey but for beginner like me, I afraid that I might destroy the expensive contact lens. So, I decided to buy another pair of cheap Korea lens before trying out my Fresh Look.

Geo Lens. Few years back, it was selling hundred over for a pair. Now? Less than RM20, you can get it. 

I bought violet color! :)

Im going to brief you through my very own experience of trying out these contact lens because some of my readers might interested to know ;) FYI, I tried two attempts! On my first try. I failed and having a thought of throwing my contact lens away because my eyeballs was like, SO HURT AND PAINFUL after countless time of trying them. What really motivated me to try the contact lens again because I was reminded that I want to look good and dont care whatever it takes! on my second time of trying, I SUCCESSFULLY INSERTED MY CONTACT LENS IN! where do I learn the techniques from? search in YOUTUBE! haha.... :) I was so happy jumping around as if like I strike a lottery. I even called my boyfriend and told him that I have finally succeed in putting in my contacts!

WAH.... my eye pupil got extra twice larger than my own real pupils! 

Honestly, it was a bit uncomfortable but definitely worth the TRY! maybe, I just dont used to it yet :) After tweeting it in my Uber Social and non stop of camwhoring, is time to take them out. I was so afraid that I might destroy them because I have long finger nails but I successfully took them out easily, and went to bed a happy girl! :)



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