CHIO-NESS ALERT: Hello Kitty Beauty Diary masks! :)

Friday, April 08, 2011
Can you believe it that actually My Beauty Diary Mask have Hello Kitty designs too? :) the packaging is just too cute to be resist! :) I WANT ALL OF THEM! but unfortunately, Malaysia is selling super expensive for ONE piece of this Hello Kitty masks. Seriously, TOO CUTE that you cant afford to not purchase it! :)

So chio and cute please!!!! 

First box collection, strawberry milk mask.

And second box of collection, honey strawberry mask.

SO NICE AND CUTE PLEASE.... I dont care about the effective of the mask seriously because the packaging is just too CUTE that you have to own it! :(

ANYONE GOING TAIWAN? please help me buy...... I want them!!!


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