Flawless skin, I'm very near to you soon. HOPEFULLY! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Ever since after I recover from my acne skin, I've been getting a lot people asking me the same question very repetitively. What is the solution to my acne? today, Im going to reveal my secret! :)

But before Im going into the main point, let me show you a picture of my serious acne skin condition. Seriously, is like my worst nightmare ever. Sometimes, I even cried looking into mirror because my skin is like....... so worst! :(

This picture is taken 3 years back, when I was 16 years old. I have seriously no idea how, my skin started to become like this. I did not lie to you. I cried most of the time when I see my skin like that. I just cant take it.

Until I found!

Less than RM40
This product is seriously my miracle!!!!! ever since after I start using this pharmacy medication, my skin is free from all those big acne!! :) but is not good to be used often because this medication is very strong and it makes my skin become more thin in layer. I used to have thick layer skin. After using Dalacin T, my skin is very obvious with red veins on my both cheeks, strongly not recommended to use for long term, if you have acne, you can use it and make them recover but after recovery, stop using it. THIS IS NOT A SKIN CARE. It just a medication for acne.

For my skin care, I've been using AC-vita all this while. A brand from Korean and is free from alcohol, fragrance and colour :)

Cleasing Foam: RM75
Toning Water: RM110
Anti Trouble Serum: RM136
Anti Trouble recovery cream: RM145
Those products that I labelled with a love shape on top which is the products that Im currently using now :) After I recover from my acne skin, obviously my skin is still left with some scars and with some little pimples. And this set of skin care, solved my problem and now I close to having a clear skin!! :) despite from all those blackheads and whiteheads :p for more info and purchase, you can visit www.ac-vita.com :)

And now Im happy to declare that Im very close to having a clear skin, Im working super hard to achieve a really very flawless skin :) since I have share my skin care products, I would like to share with you my make up as well :) some of my readers might want to know about it :)

It smells exactly like Apple! and is SPF 50. Sufficient SPF for such a hot weather like Malaysia :)

Chanel Mat Lumiere, skin tone #10

Chanel Correcteur, skin tone #10

Thats all for now! :) Hope you find my entry helpful. Eye solution is coming up next post! :) STAY TUNE! :)

I love my readers! toodles..... :)


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Everlyn said...

Hi there, i jz started using AC Vita, isit ok to use the recovery cream since its kinda oily?

Can u tel me hw did u use the products? Cleanser 1st, den toner, den recovery cream den essence right?

I hope I followed the right steps, lolx.