Daily Mask: Kose clear turn essence collagen face mask.

Friday, January 21, 2011
Bought this mask about a month ago. I just opened it up and used like one week. Love the packaging because is pink in colour! :D

Wooo! :) one pack of this mask have 22 sheets of paper masks means you can use for 22 days :) but of course, you dont use it daily if you want to use fully a month. Use for alternative days will do. :) 

And this is the packaging. So cute.... like wet tissue box :)

Look like wet tissue... hehe.

Love the soothing feeling! :)

Overall, I love the mask scent. At least it moisturised my skin and feel comfortable when Im applying the mask :) and it dont require your time a lot. Just 5 to 10minutes will do! :) normally I applied like 7minutes and I removed it. I rated this mask for 4 stars! About price range, I think retail is selling about RM42 - RM45 but of course I did not purchase at retail. I get this mask at a very cheap deal.. Interested to get this mask too? Just let me know k! :) 

IS FRIDAY ALREADY! but unfortunately, I have assignments to complete and have to study for my quiz though it only cover 2% of my overall performance. 

 Have a nice day everyone.



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