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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Hi readers! I know my blog is dead. Please bear with me awhile alright. I got no camera right now with me, thus explain I got no pictures or blog post is updated. I feel lousy to use my classic z610i to took all the photos with super lousy outcome, blur and not clear. Im getting a new phone soon, please bear with me k. :)

I think Im converting my blog to a skin care blog review now :p I have a new hobby ever since after I entered cosmetics and skin care industry. I love to exploring around for good quality cosmetics and skin care. And recently, I found quite a few! for your information, yours truly loveeeee masks a lot! :) Im doing a masks collection, and for the time being, I just have to wait my fiances gets stable and purchase all the good masks I have found. :)

Okay, first up!

This is Hyrdo Mud Mask :) Made of mud and it give your skin more hydration and moisture! :) give it 4 stars! ★★★★
Sorry if I freaks you out. This is the process of doing the mask :)

Second is....................

Chocolate mask!!!! :) for chocolate lovers, you definitely will love this!! It helps to cleanse your pores, as well as remove skin waste and also black/whiteheads! :) give it 4 stars too! ★★★★
It smells exactly like chocolate!! I feel like eating the mask! and of course, I cant resist. So I tried a little dip of it(yes I know, Im crazy) but it tasted salty as I expected it taste sweet. Haha :p

Thirdly! :) IS A PINK COLOUR MASK!! MAD LOVE :) Imma crazy pink lover!!!

Pink Clay Mask! :) It give whitening effect and it cleanse your pores thoroughly, make your skin look radiant and pearl white after you use the mask! :) give it 4 stars as well! ★★★★
Pink!! Lovin' it! :)

Next up!

This mask is made of Aloe Vera and cucumber! make your skin feel soothing and relaxing after you apply. Personally, I love this mask a lot, this mask is in gel type texture. It give your skin cooling effect, love the feeling of it. :) I give it 5 stars!! ★★★★★ highly recommend by me!! :)
Sleeping mask! :) recommend to those people are always busy and no time for mask. :) Just apply it on at the final step of your skin care and you dont have to wash it! convenient much? it give your skin whitening effect and moist up your skin while you're sleeping! :) give it 4 stars! ★★★★

What are you waiting la? like duh.... Get yours now at only RM49!!! :) Original price is RM70. The shop is having 30% promotion now. Left with only one day!! BE QUICK!! It located at LG1, new wing, same row as Carlo Rino, Sunway Pyramid.

Thanks to NOPS! My skin is "woooooo" now :)


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