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Friday, April 02, 2010

Just recently, I spent quite an amount of money to bought myself Chanel cosmetics. Before that, I was using Elianto cosmetics to apply make-ups. To be frank, I seriously get frustrated with Elianto cosmetics. The eyeshadow often got smudged and stained under my eyes, besides, it also makes my eyes red. I have no idea whether is the Elianto eyeshadow or my fake lashes caused me red eyes but all the while, applying fake lashes, it dont causes me any problem, and I tried stop using Elianto eyeshadow instead applying Cyber Colour gel eyeliner and with my fake lashes on. AND MY EYES TURN OUT TO BE OKAY! so which means, its the Elianto eyeshadow lohhh... After that, I bought a Elianto blusher and it just cost me RM15. NOT EVEN A WEEK, it cracked because I dropped it on floor, is like.... omg. SO FRAGILE.... and my face even popped out a super big pimple contain of pus! oh man..... I wonder isnt Elianto blusher's fault.

Been working in a cosmetic departmental store for quite some time, I didnt even notice Chanel make-ups until one day, my friend asked me to try on the Chanel blusher, and GOD~ it was super nice, even the texture is so different! immediately, I tried on others Chanel cosmetics, and I just cant resist to made reservations for Chanel's stuffs! ended up, I reserved one blusher, one concealer and one lip gloss! :)

So, I would like to do a review after using Chanel cosmetic like a week :) it just so different from all the make-ups I used... I gettin' deeper in love with Chanel cosmetics!

Chanel Blush Powder: RM140
I like the smell of blusher! it smells like some rosey smell! and the texture is just AWESOME! :) except for the small brush, I think overall it was good. I hate the brush because its very hard and stiff, whenever I applying blusher on my face, I feel like something rough sweeping on my face, I like the whole thing of it except for the brush! it just... urghhhh! no good, I mean only the BRUSH.

Chanel Correcteur: RM92
The texture is good and thick enough to cover all my blemishes, besides, the correcteur doesnt have any weird smells. I love it!! :)

and for the lip gloss, I havent start using it. My lips are a bit dry these days due to the place Im working because is an air conditioner place. I just have to keep on drinking more water to get my lips recover.

Hope it helps you a little even though it just two products! :)

START USING CHANEL COSMETICS TODAY! :) affordable.. & it worth every single penny!! :)


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