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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hey loves!

Speaking about my job, yours truly is going for a training tomorrow! ;) feeling kind of excited because I will get to learn how to define human face skin. Like whether is oily, dry or normal skin. Other than that, I will be learning how to recommend good products according to costumer's skin type. Im really anxious but Im sure, God will definitely help me through. :)

I know there are not much of people knows about IPKN's products. It actually almost have the same range to Laneige(I bet people who love cosmetics know Laneige) IPKN actually is a new launching product in Malaysia. Thats why my company is hiring people to promote the products ;)

Personally, I loveeeeeee one of the products which given a cute name called " MY BABY DOLL " the products are all in pink colour! besides, it have good smells as well. Most importantly, the products are made from natural ingredients! like, Jasmine, aloe vera etc etc...

This is one of the powder! it smells really good ;) I getting in love with it!

and this! Base make-up :D:D:D

I am so going to buy all these for myself when I get my salary, so elegant designed and yet cute!! :) because is all in pink colour ;)

Okieeee, I gotta go now ;) ! I have to study up all the details about the cosmetics from IPKN, just incase, easier for the training progress.

Bye! Good night people!! :)

Fibs! ;)

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